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UTOPIAN COFFEE Announces Expansion to The Landing & Flagship Retail Café


FORT WAYNE, Indiana – February 12, 2018 – Utopian Coffee announced today that they will expand their roasting facilities and open a flagship retail coffee shop on The Landing.  Having outgrown their current facility at 222 Pearl St, they will be moving to the Fisher Bros Paper Co. building, formerly Flashbacks on The Landing.

“We’ve been roasting downtown for years and we’re honored and excited to be a part of The Landing, which is such a significant development for Northeast Indiana,” said Brendon Maxwell, Founder of Utopian Coffee. “We are thrilled to be able to tell our story, but more importantly, the stories of the farmers we work with throughout the world. ”

Utopian Coffee travels overseas to build relationships directly with farmers to source their specialty coffee and come alongside them to help achieve their goals. Sometimes this is improvement in coffee quality and other times, it’s sustainability that looks a bit more unique.

Over the last year, Utopian Coffee has been working in Colombia to convert cocaine farms to coffee. Maxwell was there in June and July, working to transition a farm away from the dangerous and illicit trade in order to give the farmers an economic alternative that could provide for their families, but in a much safer environment. Through their sales channels, Utopian Coffee then creates a sustainable model for the families to continue to have security and stability.

“We love the coffee industry and the work we get to do. We’re so excited to get to bring that to a brick and mortar café to connect deeper with our Fort Wayne community. We’ve had so much great support throughout the years, so it’s really fun for us to create a space for people to come downtown to The Landing, see the roasting process, and hear the stories of the farmers and how their support is helping to impact lives.”